My biggest adventure in Japan

When I look back on all my travels through Japan since 2004, I would pick my stay at Yakushima Island as my biggest adventure. I arrived at the island by ferry from Kagoshima and I did not know what to expect besides visiting the oldest tree of Japan – Jomon Sugi (2000 – 6000 years old). After putting my hiking boots on I started to explore this wonderful place. Imagine a rain forest with huge or better gigantic cedar trees older than 1000 years, countless waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, an amazing wildlife, remote beaches and untouched nature. The biggest challenge of course was the hiking tour to the oldest tree of Japan. It will take you in total 10 to 12 hours for the round trip hiking tour, but trust me its worth it. The scenery is like in a movie. All I can say is I will be back:)