Maniden Engyo-ji Mount Shosha

Engyo-ji Temple at Mount Shosha – fascinating place

When I arrived by rope way on top of Mount Shosha I felt immediately in love with the place. At the observation deck it was even possible to spot Himeji Castle, the most beautiful and most visited castle in Japan, in the distance.
After a short walk through a densely forested area I finally arrived at the Shoshazan Engyo-ji Temple complex.

What makes this place so unique is the lack of signs of modern infrastructure.
It is so well preserved that movie companies using this place to create the atmosphere of the old Edo times for their feature films and TV shows.
You would expect that any minute an samurai warrior would come around the corner:)
I am a big fan of the movie the Last Samurai. Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe filmed parts of the movie at Engyo-ji and it was fun to visit and to recognize these places.
The absolute highlight for me was the temple Maniden. The structure is amazing and reminded me of Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto, a UNSECO World Heritage Site.
Take your time to explore all the temples, most of them Important Cultural Properties of Japan, and enjoy the scenery.
I would rank Engyo-ji within my personal top 6 list of temple areas in Japan.

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I hope you will also have the chance to visit this amazing place.