Cherry Blossom In Kyoto

Cherry Blossom season in Kyoto – A once in your lifetime experience

I always had the plan to visit Kyoto, my favourite place in Japan, during the cherry blossom season.
It takes usually 2 weeks and this spectacle is gone.
This year (2016) was my 3rd time in the city and finally I could enjoy the sakura season there.
For 1 week in the beginning of April I deeply enjoyed the amazing scenery.
The parks were crowded with people sitting under the cherry trees celebrating this special time of the year.
During my first 2 nights I went to the Maruyama Park near the Yasaka Shrine.
The illumination of the trees at night was really beautiful.
If you look for happy people, a great location, amazing food (Kobe beef anyone?) then this is the place to be.
Every day I went to different parts of Kyoto in the hunt for the best cherry blossom spots.
If I have to pick my absolute highlight I would choose the Philosopher’s Walk.
The path starts near the Ginkaku-ji Temple within the Higashiyama district.
This place belongs to the top spots for tourists in Kyoto and let me say it this way you are definitely not alone there:)
What makes the atmosphere even more beautiful are woman wearing colourful kimonos everywhere in the city.
Last but not least you can find a list of my personal top cherry blossom spots in Kyoto here.

In my next blog post I will tell you more about my temple visits in Kyoto.
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